De-clutter / Re-organising

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De-clutter / Re-organising


How do we purge or re-organise a space? It can be very overwhelming. The following points will help you succeed with any de-cluttering and re-organising project in any space.  I am always available to help you. Do you have a space like the example of a spare bedroom shown below or a basement area where you add more and more to it and then the prospect of tackling it just becomes too overwhelming?  Or wish you could just shut the door and it all disappear?


Cluttered Room

Cluttered Room


The following  5 step process is one that I use and is a successful tool to deal with any space.  It is as follows:-

Step 1

Determine the goal for the room/space that you wish to tackle and identify any limitations for this room, being realistic.

Step 2

Create a plan of attack.  Sort into categories, get bins etc.

Coloured storage bins can be a great visual tool to aide the organising of any items no longer required.

Coloured bins can be a great visual tool to aide in the organising process

Keep it – to be used back in the space

Donate it –  Take any unwanted items to charity. Makes you feel good and also gives a great sense of helping someone in need.

Bin it – take to the dump

Store it – items that have sentimental value or items that will be used in the future.

Storage bins will be a great investment.  Take your time and make it fun.  Do as much as you can and if it doesn’t get done in one go, always remember, when you go back to it there will be less than before.

Step 3

Build and install any necessary furniture for your project. This will help maximise the function of your space.

Step 4

Re-assemble your room returning all “Keep” items to their new space.

Step 5

Celebrate your success however big or small.


Congratulations on a job well done!

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.