Winter Blues

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Winter Blues

As the snow starts to fall we find ourselves being stuck indoors more often.  Many people feel stuck in a rut and it can sometimes be difficult to dig yourself out.

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Winter projects are generally those internal home improvements put off from the rest of the year when the weather is too nice to be stuck indoors.  These are normally planned and often the result of a “honey do” list.

There are a number of things that you can do in the absence of winter sports or a winter project without significant expenditure or time investment that can cheer the mood and give you the pick me up to drive you to the spring.

These things could include;

Rearrange furniture – Changing placement of furniture can give a positive feel.  This can be enhanced by adding a mirror to get that extra reflective light source into a space.

Additional Lamps – can help generate extra light to give the perception of longer days.


All types of lighting have been enjoyed in this space


Give a fresh coat of paint to add deeper warmer tones either on an accent wall or a room, maybe to doors/borders to cheer the mood.

a great accent colour can add warmth to the room

a great accent colour can add warmth to this space


For the latest “in” colours go to the following Benjamin Moore link:

Pictures portraying warmth, flowers, summer landscapes, tropical beaches

Switch some of your existing cushions or throws to fresher warm colours such as teal, red, green, yellow, pink, purple mixing different fabrics too.   Creating a cosier inviting space.

Bright cheery cushions lift any mood

Bright cheery cushions lift any mood


In your bedroom, add some warmer quilts, colourful pillows or throws/blankets to evoke the senses.

Jms Home Staging & Design bedroom

By adding warmth on the walls and added colour to the bed gives a great inviting feel


Family games – enjoy some great games whether board or computer games as a family

Exercise-Weather permitting of course – Walks by the lake/park/ forest.

Always have some fresh flowers to add colour and wonderful scent to any space.

Read a book and relax

If you need any help with any of the above I am always available to assist and make any space work for your needs.

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